Hornet Design Studio

Adjust translated print and digital content with its graphics and diagrams while maintaining its authenticity and genuine layout regardless of the language.

How it all started

It started with two people who had an idea and were not afraid to take a leap into the vast world of localization services. Karol Rogoziński and Dawid Boniśniak decided to launch Hornet Design Studio in 2006. Soon they added Maciej Szubert to the team and started expanding their services.

At first we focused on delivering DTP services to localization companies of various sizes. It didn’t take us long to be recognized in the language industry, which accelerated our growth.

During the market crash in 2011 HDS team invested even more energy and resources which allowed the company not only to maintain its status despite the market crash, but also to grow even more. That was also the time when we added Multimedia Localization to our offer.


After attending several localization industry conferences it became clear that the direction HDS took was the right one. We have, however, noticed the need to develop more in the area of Content Management Systems and e-Learning localization.

We are continually open to new challenges and development paths, eager to see what the future brings.

How we work

We decided to go for a centralized way of cooperation within HDS which allows us to keep all our tasks and projects under control.

Every HDS professional, whether they are a PM or a team lead, have a strong DTP background to ensure that we are able to streamline our projects while delivering them in a professional, timely, and cost saving manner. All HDS professionals are fully capable to provide our clients with substantial support and advice at any time.

We believe in a friendly, family atmosphere with discipline and responsibility at the same time.

Where we deliver

Localization Services Providers deliver multilingual content throughout the world to global markets. Working for LSPs, delivering localization support outputs to them, means adjusting to or clients business needs and languages they translate into. At HDS, we operate locally and globally, enabled by our skilled and experienced resources, we provide services to LSPs all over the world.


Get to know us to trust us

Every Hornet Team member is an experience localization and DTP professional able to provide you with the outcome you need for your translation and localization projects.

Dawid Boniśniak

Board Member

For over 20 years now he’s been the foundation and the mastermind behind our success. An optimistic visionary and a sky-is-the-limit attitude practitioner. He believes that there is no progress without bold moves. With his passion for Crossfit and Strength and Conditioning, he pushes the boundaries of impossible in the language industry. He never gets tired with work, he enjoys it.

Karol Rogoziński

Board Member

Localization professional with 20+ years of experience. Always stands on a solid ground, never loses control which lets others fly and achieve the goals. Karol forges his love for sports into a discipline and reliability in business. He’s the go-to guy when you search the depth of the Internet for answers only o find none. He will have one for you.

Maciej Szubert

Head of Production

Started as a Localization Engineer over 16 years ago and continually supports the Production Team with his localization experience and knowledge. With passion for speed and marathons, he never stops in his pursue for excellence delivered to localization companies. He speaks his mind, he knows his worth and with his discipline and reliability, he is a crucial member of the Hornet Team.

Weronika Górniak

Project Managemen

With 7+ years of experience, started as a DTP specialist, Weronika is now one of our most valued localization project management specialists. She is the one to plan and organize the deadlines, collaborate with our clients and make sure the projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Jakub Górniak

Project Management

Started over 6 years ago as a DTP specialist and today, Jakub excels in the localization project management area, continually supporting our clients in every localization project they send our way. Jakub is our chameleon-man, who can find his way in any situation, which helps him shine in the localization services area.

Aleksander Rogoziński

Team Lead

For over 15 years now, Olek has been a valuead team member of Hornet Design Studio. With his background in DTP and his people skills, Olek continues to deliver the best outcomes to our clients worldwide. Olek’s “the glass is half-full” attitude and the nag for surprises make him a positive and reliable asset in our team.

Wojciech Cupa

Team Lead

Wojtek began his journey with localization industry 15 years ago as a DTP specialist. With his artistic skills and an eye to detail, he never lets any project go out with even a hint of doubt about its quality. As a passionate freediver, he shares his energy and challenge-acceptance with the whole team.

Jarosław Dąbrowski

Team Lead

10 years ago, a young DTP professional joined our team and brought with him a positive attitude, responsiveness and reliability. Now, Jarek supports his teams with his knowledge, skills and experience to ensure every project is treated with due diligence and delivered on time. He does not shy away from any challenges, and as a young father of twins, he knows what challenge means.

Małgorzata Boniśniak

Team Lead

She made her first steps in the language industry as a DTP specialist. With her thirst for knowledge, she quickly developed her skills to the point that she is now able to pass it on to her team and support every project fully focused on delivering the best outcome to the localization companies. Gosia’s passion for sports and books makes her inquisitive and disciplined, which make perfect combination in the localization industry.

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