Localization Engineering

File Preparation for Localization:
A Comprehensive Approach by HDS

Before localization, there’s file preparation stage. This is the time for necessary checks to be done.

Some of the aspects that need to be checked:

  • Is the file segmenting correct? Have the paragraphs been divided manually?
  • Are all the graphics in place?
  • Do any of the graphics need translation? (In case of any graphics need translation, they also need to be prepared for it).
  • Are the fonts used in source file fit for the target language?
  • And more.

Only after making sure that the files are ready for localization, can they be exported into formats used in CAT tools.

At HDS, we carry out all the checks, making sure nothing gets missed in the process. Regardless of the file type, whether it’s a text file (user manual), video content, or e-Learning course, we ensure that all the necessary materials are complete before the translation process starts.

This pre-localization stage is a crucial element of the whole translation process, impacting the end-product’s quality and your customer’s satisfaction.

It takes time and skilled professionals with experience in localization engineering to eliminate any potential risks of errors in the localization process.

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