Multimedia Localization and Subtitling

Tailoring Content for Global Audiences at Hornet Design Studio

Do you translate video content, internet banners or any animated content? Then you know how important it is to adapt multimedia content to fit the target language requirements.

  • Segments length adjustment to the voice-over length,
  • Matching the on-screen text to fit the video material,
  • Implementing translated voice-over,
  • Adding subtitles in the target language,
  • Rendering final outputs
  • Transcription tasks,
  • Creating time-coded files for subtitling
  • And more.

These, and more, are the aspects of Multimedia Localization and Subtitling. For that a team of professionals experienced in multimedia localization is a must.

At Hornet Design Studio, we handle all the multimedia localization and subtitling tasks for LSPs to deliver the final output to their clients. We strive to deliver fully adjusted multimedia content regardless of the target languages and within the agreed timescale.

If you want to find out more about our processes, tools and team working on Multimedia Localization, and check of we are the right fit for you, click the button below and let’s talk.

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