Desktop Publishing

Adapting Content for Global Success

Adapt your:

  • User manuals
  • Technical documentation
  • Website translation
  • Promotional materials

To the specific target language requirements and maintain the original layout for your customers’ content consistency.


There’s no such thing as an easy, straightforward translation in the localization industry.

To deliver a ready product you agreed on with your customer, you need to make sure your translation is covered on all bases. Even a seemingly simple content may create potential risk of errors in localization, and this is where Desktop Publishing comes in.

Whether you translate technical documentation, promotional materials or user manuals or other content, don’t give into the temptation of treating them as simple files, that you translate and it’s all done and ready.

Post-translation content will most definitely need adapting to the specifics of the target language. Expressions and words of the same meanings differ in length and character count which can significantly impact the translated content’s layout. The same goes for the languages with Right-to-Left direction. It requires a specific set of actions to be taken, such as implementing language specific rules, creating index and table of content, adjusting translation included in the graphics and diagrams. Your customer requires every single, even the smallest detail, to not affect the final layout of the content. Consistent multilingual content is the key to their global success.

After you finish working on the layout, implement comments from the customer, it’s time to prepare the final output, ready for print or online publishing. This is a process that takes skills, experience, expertise, time and tools. And it takes the right partner that has all that.

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