About us

Since 2005 Hornet Design Studio offers a wide range of high quality services for Localization companies as well as interpreting agencies dealing with documents’ conversions.

A highly skilled team of DTP and Localization Engineering professionals offer a combination of quality of the services provided in a timely and swift manner. We are ready to meet expectations of even the most demanding clients.

We focus both on speed and quality of the services we provide as well as responsibility and serious and professional attitude towards our clients and projects that we take up. We take seriously even the smallest tasks. One of our principles is to respect our clients’ time and we fulfill this by providing the services on time and always with at the highest quality possible.

At present we have two independently acting divisions. In both of them we employ on permanent basis several professionals that are available at all times. When necessary we employ freelance DTP and Localization Engineering specialists throughout Poland as well as from Czech Republic and Ukraine. All of our specialists are professional and efficient and what is most important they are constantly available. This is the guarantee that regardless of volumes of work that we receive, the projects will be finalized within the agreed timescales with the highest quality maintained.

Honesty, integrity, constant availability and high communication skills are our strength. Combined with years of experience, they are what makes us the one of the best Localization DTP professionals and aiming to become number one in Europe.

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